A Vision Comes to Life - Flagship Project - Spark School Mahanad

The SPARK SCHOOL is a result of a profound desire of a group of individuals to serve those among us who do not have proper or any educational opportunities. These are ones who live at the periphery of the material society. The deprived and the disadvantaged.
It is the vision of a team of individuals who deeply wish to contribute in building the nation. Those who wish to provide not only modern and technical education but a social education to help eradicate the evils of un-touchability, caste divide, child marriages, child and bonded labour etc.
These leaders of the New Era Society have consistently imbibed this philosophy into their working approach. Their objective of creating an educational mode that leads to complete development of children has seen many inspiring stories among their students. Innovative teaching methods and an adoption of latest educational techniques has resulted in their students excelling in study, sport and extracurricular activities.
Together with the inculcation of the right value system has brought to life the philosophy that education leads us to light.
SPARK SCHOOL is an English medium CBSE affiliated school. Established in 2012 in West Bengal.
Motivators behind SPARK School are Prof. Amit Kumar Bose and Dr. Pratima Rani Bose,the former IITians from Roorkee are working to realize their dream to bring about positive changes in our society.


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