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School organizes training internal, CBP to enhance the understanding of curriculum and delivery mechanism and other professional qualities.
• • Enhance pedagogical skills: Develop and strengthen teachers' instructional methods to create more engaging and effective learning environments.
• • Promote inclusive education: Provide training on inclusive teaching strategies to ensure that teachers can effectively address the diverse needs of all students in the classroom.
• • Strengthen assessment techniques: Improve teachers' ability to design and implement diverse assessment methods that accurately measure student progress and inform instructional decisions.
• • Cultivate continuous professional development: Encourage a culture of ongoing learning by instilling habits of self-reflection and providing resources for teachers to stay updated on educational trends and innovations.
• • Address student well-being: Equip teachers with tools to recognize and respond to students' social and emotional needs, creating a positive and nurturing learning environment.
• • Promote lifelong learning skills: Integrate strategies that help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and other essential skills for lifelong learning.
• • • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Robotics encourages students to think critically and find innovative solutions to problems.
• •• Technology Literacy: Students will develop a better understanding of technology, which is crucial in today's digital age.
• •• Teamwork and Collaboration: Working on group projects fosters teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills.
• • • Creativity and Imagination: Designing and building robots allows students to unleash their creativity and imagination.
• •• Future Readiness: Acquiring skills in robotics prepares students for potential careers in STEM fields.

Previous Trainings

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