neSPARK Society

1. To enhance the quality of human resource of all age groups in the country.

2. To create facilities at the place of their convenience for those who have been
deprived of opportunities to get education and knowledge at the time of their growth.

3. To provide high quality education to the students from rural and deprived areas.

4. To create quality facilities for basic education, technical and para-medical education and knowledge at affordable cost.

5. To provide facilities for vocational training to create skilled human resource.

6. To spread knowledge and wisdom among people of all section of society

7. To publish Journals, other Periodical Magazines, Booklets, Publications,
maintain library, laboratory etc.

8. To organize seminars and carry out research activities in all fields of education.

9. To have interaction with international community and institutions for exchange and
value addition programmes

10. To educate people for building a disaster resilient society by organizing different
academics, research and knowledge dissemination programmes.


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